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About FLY BY DRONE 2020

Fly By Drone 2020 started in 2020 when Owner Adam Mumau decided to expand his career from flying private small fixed-wing aircraft for over two decades and passion for photography by obtaining his Commercial Remote Pilot Certification.

Adam works as a Remote Pilot in the evenings and weekends. You can reach Adam by e-mail or phone to discuss service and rates.

Aerial Pine Trees
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The Story of FLY BY DRONE 2020

A Passion for Photography and Client Satisfaction.

FLY BY DRONE is operated by Certified FAA Section 107 Commercial Remote Pilots-In-Command with a passion for photography and satisfying our clients.

Our operations are fully insured by Property and Casualty Insurance, as well as our pilots and crew members. Our drones have built in obstacle avoidance for additional safety precautions.

Owner and Lead Pilot:

Adam Mumau, Certification # 4425807

Crew Member and Back-Up Pilot:

Anthony Taubenkrau, Certification # 4383324

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